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Welcome to our site!


We are a small in home breeder of beautiful quality Miniature Dachshunds.  We breed with health, temperament and conformation in mind.  We are located in Polo, MO, outside Kansas City area.


​Our dachshunds are our beloved pets and they receive the best care and attention possible. They are raised in our home with access to a fenced yard. They receive adequate exercise daily in the yard.  Our dachshunds are crate trained for naps and home alone time. I'm home with the doxies most of the time.  When it's necessary to leave for more than 5 hours a sitter comes in to care for the dogs. They have regular bathes, nail trims, brushing and teeth brushed.   

All of our dachshunds are AKC registered.


Our puppies are also raised in our home, with cameras for night viewing. We are very hands on with the puppies and they are well socialized. They are handled by us, our grandchildren and our caregivers. They are around and use to normal household noises.  The puppies will be dewormed every two weeks. They are microchipped with AKC Lifetime Reunite. They will have a vet visit prior to leaving our care and will be up to date on all vaccinations.

Here’s a  little something about us.


Dickie and I have been together for 24 years and we own a small trucking company. We haul potatoes around the Kansas City MO area.  Dickie is from Colorado and I’m a Texan. We live out in the country on 12 acres in Polo, Missouri an hour NE of Kansas City, MO.


My family got our first dachshund when I was just 13.  He was a shaded red and we named him Fritz Christopher Hans Carter.  He was the beginning of my love for dachshunds.  He lived with my parents so when I got a place of my own in the 80's I couldn’t help but get a dachshund for my place too.  I got a shaded red and named her Roberta's Klara Yvette.

That’s when I began to discover the world of breeding.  Klara only had two litters as she got eclampsia with the second and passed away shortly after giving birth (her vet said there was nothing to worry about).


I learned the hard way to listen to my gut, take action and have a backup plan in place.  I raised her four pups with the help of my entire family as they required constant care and feedings every two hours.  They all survived and I kept a little girl and named her Karla.

Our next dachshund was a little shaded red boy named Matrix.  He was afraid of nothing.  He took care of the unwanted critters on our place, including a red fox.  He always alerted us to the uninvited snake or turtle. He was loving and loyal and lived to the age of 10. He passed away in 2016.


Shortly after losing Matrix,  we lost our beloved rescue mix Roscoe P Coaltrain. He was half lab and half good dog according to the Vet.  Lol  We got him in December of 2005 when he and his siblings were found in a dumpster, taped up inside a box, in Denver CO.  How can people be so cruel??  He was the most loving, patient and kind dog I have ever seen. He got cancer and in spite of treatment he passed away in 2017.  We were heartbroken.


We still had our much loved Cujo (Pepper) dog. We rescued him  in 2002 when he was just two years old. He was a beautiful, smart, loyal dog and leader of the group.  He helped keep the critters away.  He and Roscoe once rescued Matrix from a coyote!.  What a sight to see on our front porch!

After losing both Matrix and Roscoe, we began discussing the possibility of a new dog. Dachshund,  dachshund!  This is when I discovered that they come in all colors and coats.  WOW!!  It’s amazing what we didn’t know before the internet. All the 2 legged  kids had moved away and  I was working from home. It seemed like the perfect time to raise, show and breed these beautiful animals.


That takes us to today. I have five females and three males.  They have been hand picked from Missouri, California and N. Carolina.  I love these beauties and they bring joy to my life.  I hope their little ones will bring joy to yours!



Thank You for Visiting!!

About Cool Runnin Dachshunds

Our Team

Our Team Through the Years


Fritz Christopher Hans Carter

the Miniature Dachshund that started my love for the breed.

He is pictured with Sugar his buddy from across the fence. He passed in 1992 at the age of 18.







 1.   What does Dachshund mean?

    The breed's name "Dachshund" is German for "Badger Dog" with           the  "Dachs" being badger and "hund" being dog.

2.  How long do dachshunds normally live?

       Dachshunds live between 14 to 20 years. So, be prepared for the          long haul.

 3.  Are stairs bad for Dachshunds?

       Jumping up and down from furniture or in and out of cars as well         as going up and down stairs, puts a lot of pressure on a                           Dachshund's long back and it could lead to them suffering from a        condition known as IVDD.   Using a ramp can be useful.

 4.   What is the difference between standard and miniature


         Both standard and miniature dachshunds are the same                        breed dog.  In the US, two different sizes are recognized by the 

         American Kennel Club.  Miniatures are under 12 lbs while

         standards are over 16 lbs.

5.    Why do dachshunds like to burrow?

        It's in their nature to burrow down deep into the covers.  They 

        love making comfy cozy warm nest to sleep.

6.     Why do dachshunds have bad breath?

They are prone to have dental hygiene problems.  It's important to keep your dachshund's teeth cleaned daily and maintain regular checkups with your vet to prevent dental diseases.  Bad breath is commonly caused by tarter and plaque build up on the dogs gums and teeth.



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